Paying too much for your diabetes supplies?

Missing out on the huge discounts offered online?

Diabetes supplies are consumer items. Once you are happy with a brand, shop around and find the cheapest place. We compare the best online diabetes suppliers and present you with the results.

Lancing devices

Lancing Devices
Lancing devices from brands like One Touch, Advocate and more

Diabetic test strips

Test Strips
Glucose test strips from major brands including Accu-Chek, Ascensia, FreeStyle and more


The finest pain free lancets at low prices from brands like BD, One Touch, FreeStyle, Ascensia and more

Insulin pumps

Insulin Pumps
Insulin pumps from Medtronic, Accu-Chek and more

Blood glucose meters

Glucose Meters
Monitoring kits with glucose meters and supplies. From One Touch, Accu-Chek, FreeStyle and more

Diabetic control solutions

Control Solutions
Ensure accurate testing with control solutions from Ascensia, Advocate, Medisense and more

Huge selection of diabetic products

Choose from the huge range of diabetes self management products from the selected merchants and by comparing the discounted prices you ensure the greatest saving. Major brands are represented and include Accu-Check, Ascensia, FreeStyle, Home Diagnostics, Boca and many others.

Not just test strips and glucose meters

The products featured at American Diabetes Supplies are not just the usual testing products, although there are obviously available. New products are being added regularly from categories such as supplements, nutrition, education. Think sugar-free candies and desserts, juices and other great tasting products suitable for people with diabetes.

The latest products

Insulin pumps and other diabetes self management products are improving with every new release. Living with diabetes is becoming less painful and instrusive with innovative products such as the insulin pumps. Pumps and the corresponding accessories are also available at discounted prices, just like the other diabetic supplies.


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